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Valuation of movable and immovable property will help to determine the fair market value of the property before purchase or sale transactions. Our valuators with many years of experience will ensure fast and informative valuation and conclusion of transactions for both property sellers and buyers. We have assembled a team of qualified specialists; we therefore will not only assess but also help to sell or buy the assessed property and arrange legal formalities. 

Real estate valuation is an important process in both buying and selling real estate. The experience of our specialists allows us to make decisions only after a detailed analysis of the market, which ensures a profitable investment or a guaranteed return for the client.

We can evaluate:

  • Houses, apartments, offices and other real estate of various purposes;
  • Movable property (paintings, sculptures, haute couture items, etc.).

Confidentiality, speed and quality are the cornerstones of our business, so with Capital LUXURY, real estate valuation is safe, objective and of high quality.